I've had more than one person ask me for podcast recommendations. Here they are:

WYNC's Radiolab - the best public radio program I've ever listened to. Combines science and philosophy with high production values. Entertaining, informative, and moving. Interviews combined/produced into compelling narratives (like "This American Life" meets "Mr. Wizard")

The Java Posse - how I got back up to speed with the state-of-the-art in Java after my skills got out of date. Also touches on Apple, Android, and general industry stuff. Dick Wall is the member of the Java Posse who taught the Scala course I took in Ann Arbor. Mostly news and discussion. Rarely interviews.
The Big Web Show - interviews and discussions about the Web from a front-end, publishing, and UX viewpoint. Also motivational to hear people speak honestly about their challenges working in their field, running their companies, etc..
The Changelog - fills a similar purpose as the Java Posse, but for Open Source software. Slight emphasis on Ruby and on high profile projects appearing on GitHub, but broadening. Also motivational. Mostly interviews.
Search Engine - Canadian program on current events in technology. Technology, culture, politics. Usually short episodes. Often interviews, sometimes news reporting or opinion pieces. Excellent public radio courtesy of TV Ontario.
Basement Coders - hard-core geek podcast. A mix of recurring hosts + usually an interviewee. Focus on Java/JVM. Slight enterprise slant. Covers Open Source, but not exclusively so.
Herding Code - another hard-core geek podcast, similar to Basement Coders, but for Microsoft's platforms like .Net and Silverlight. I just started listening to back episodes of this one. Also a mix of recurring hosts + interviewee.