I've moved my blog from my own installation of WordPress to one hosted at WordPress.com.


  • All the content migrated
  • Same top-level URL: http://blog.tool-man.org/
  • Version of WordPress will always be current (security holes fixed, spammers defeated)


  • Permalinks broken (if I'd stuck with the default scheme that wouldn't have happened. Meh.)
  • Comments' author names retained, but I think you'll need to register again
  • Old RSS subscriptions may be broken (if you were previously subscribed via RSS and you're seeing this, comment below and I'll change this to an upside)
  • WordPress.com doesn't have a MarkDown plugin (boo, hiss) so my manual conversions after the migration showed up as a bunch of article updates. Only a downside, really, if old RSS subscriptions still work.

GitHub Repository for DHTML Library on the Way

Sometime before 2011 arrives I'll release my dated DHTML library to GitHub. Then anyone who uses it — no, really, you should be using JQuery, Dojo, YUI, GWT, but if you insist — will be able to fork my library and, say, fix that pesky IE8 bug, and easily share it back to the world on GitHub. This will be far superior to the current approach of pasting fixes in comments which everyone has to manually apply to their copy.

I'll probably also add another license (LGPL or something) in addition to the current MIT license.