The ToolMan DHTML library is a dead project and has been since late 2005. As a user of open source software I'm annoyed when I stumble across dead projects that aren't advertised as such, yet I've been reluctant to provide the same courtesy to you.

I'm more than surprised at the longevity of my little library, particularly in the presence of robust libraries like Dojo, JQuery, YUI, GWT, and others.

I have nothing but thanks to everyone who has supported this project through your links, bumps, bug reports and suggestions, bug fixes or patches, or use of my library.

I have special thanks to everyone who made a donation. I've removed the donation box from my site and I will tally up the donations received (as best I can) and donate the 50% to Dojo and 50% to JQuery.

A testament to web standards, my library has held up surprisingly well in Safari and Firefox. Internet Explorer, not so much.

I'm leaving my library code and example site up as well as keeping this blog around. Be patient if I don't moderate your post right away, but I will get to it. My license remains the very permissive MIT license. The code and examples are yours to do with what you want.

Again, thank you for the interest and support.