A new version, version 0.2, of the ToolMan DHTML Library has been released. You can try out the examples (Drag & Drop Sorting, Edit in Place) and download it here.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to be Excited about Version 0.2:

  1. IE support. Most examples have been verified to work properly in IE6.

  2. Rewritten from scratch; designed for reuse. The new library is more
    modular, better packaged, and less likely to have name collisions with
    your code and other 3rd party libraries.

  3. It's free! Permission granted for personal and commercial use via the
    liberal MIT license.

  4. Improved quality. Cleaner, less duplicated code. Where possible,
    library modules have unit tests written using Selenium.

  5. This is only version 0.2. It just gets better from here.